FrondaUrbana is a collective of professionals engaged in urban regeneration works through a bottom-up model, which brings together multidisciplinary professional figures, public administrations and communities. Our proposals aim to be concrete actions of valorisation and transformation of abandoned public spaces through environmental, architectural and cultural interventions with the aim of promoting civic sense and generating new spaces for relationships.

FrondaUrbana deals with

– Investigate and explore urban voids as new places of possibility

– Activities that aim to enhance the unused or underused common heritage

– Participatory urban interventions and interdisciplinary design of collective infrastructures

The collective was born during the first lockdown from the need to rethink the identity of public spaces and how these can become significant places for experimenting with alternative city models, capable of responding to the common need for relationships and proximity.
Our research focuses in particular on residual, underused or unused places, because we believe that in them there is the possibility of implementing innovative design processes, which better question the critical issues of the urban system.

Our analysis, design and regeneration interventions are based on dialogue and the sometimes unexpressed needs of the citizens who live in the neighborhoods concerned.

We prefer an approach linked to temporariness and the reuse of materials by connecting different professionals capable of suggesting new interdisciplinary functions of contemporary urban space and stimulating a new collective imagination of places.




Beatrice Pellos architect
Francesco Collavino choreographer
Daniele di Benedetto web developer

Giacomo De Marco farmer
Giulia Cornaggia illustrator
Caterina Ursella architect

FrondaUrbana is always looking for new collaborations.

If you want to join us, support us or propose new projects