Against all odds

September 2023


7.00 pm Park opening

9.00 pm Concert Show NEBBIOSA / Davide Sciacchitano *Free admission*


9:00 am Park opening

10:00 am “Water Ecosystem: Optimization and Sustainability in the Urban Use of Water Resources” Laboratory conducted by prof. ALESSANDRO PERESSOTTI

3.00 pm “Public space: a common challenge” design workshop organized by FRONDAURBANA


9:00 am Park opening

10:00 am “Disciplinary spaces and joyfully lost spaces: how can we un-educate ourselves in neoliberal ethics?” Discussion table organized by ANDREA MUNI

11.30 am “The boundless school” Discussion table organized by arch. MICHELA URBAN and arch. CRISTINA FRANZIL

3.00 pm Return of the workshops Presentation of the Parco Robinson third year project


The workshops and discussion tables are free and open to all people
PARK CLOSING at midnight