ULTRA Screendance Festival

ULTRA Screendance Festival was born from the desire to bring a unique artistic and cultural proposal to Friuli Venezia-Giulia.

Over two days, 16 -17 March 2023, a collection of 30 short and feature films from 23 countries around the world will be presented at Cinema Visionario, the result of an interactive collaboration with the Dance on Screen Film Festival of Graz (AT), which will a small European center where dance and cinematographic language meet.

The intermedial form par excellence, since its inception videodance has designated a broad spectrum of experiments that arise from the dialogue between the two arts of movement,
film/video and dance, and ranging across styles, formats and genres such as choreographies created specifically for video or film, filming of a live choreographic work, documentaries on artists and dance traditions, works using digital technologies and installations interactive, to name just a few.


Screendance is diverse, global, emerging, alive, transmedia and constantly evolving. This hybrid medium is an active spectrum, encompassing a wide range of cinematic styles, from surreal visual abstractions to rigorous narratives.

In fact, thanks to the visual language of the video, the central perception of ‘dance’ as we know it may not exist. The hierarchical aspect of the overexposed, exhibited body fades and allows us to glimpse a universe that goes beyond.
The screendance genre indeed offers stimulating and sometimes provocative films which, as the name suggests, are never purely about dance nor completely about cinema. They could, in other words, represent movement in a conceptual context, with all the eccentricities that screendance offers as a means of storytelling.

Lessons, workshops and meetings on the topic of video experimentation and choreography

ULTRA Screendance Festival translates into training meetings that are held at the IUAV University of Venice, at the DAMS of Gorizia and at the Liceo Artistico of Udine, as well as in public form thanks to the collaboration with the Marincigh Bookshop of Udine.

In the months preceding the screening dates, presentations on the topic will be held with a historical retrospective with guest teachers and experts. They will be opportunities to present videodance to the territory and above all to focus on tradition and archive materials to better understand contemporary evolution. The combination of dance and video not only captures the attention of viewers, but also provides a creative space in which new forms of artistic expression can be explored. Encouraging the production of quality content also means helping young generations to develop a sensitivity towards culture, art and above all to feel part of a multi-identity community.