Since 2021 we have been engaged in the recovery and reopening of an urban park of approximately 1200 m2 through integrated urban regeneration processes.

The green area is located close to the historic center of the city of Udine and is bordered by the Roggia di Palma along via Planis and accessible only via a small bridge.

It is easily reachable both on foot and thanks to the bus lines that stop in the street. Furthermore, the presence of the cycle path and the bikesharing station attest to it as a gateway to green mobility towards the urban belt.

The location of the area is crucial for us; a real corner of greenery, located between the current school complex of Via Diaz, where there are numerous schools and the residential neighborhood of Via Planis.

This characteristic would allow for integrated use: the inhabitants of the neighborhood on one side and the students on the other. Making this area usable again and making it an open public space means offering the inhabitants a place of well-being close to their homes, but also promoting the experimentation of common educational platforms, in which schools and the city establish fertile relationships of reciprocity and mutual exchange.

Since 2020 we have been operating through analysis, planning and regeneration actions in the territory, preferring a bottom-up model, in which the professional becomes that figure of social facilitator-innovator, capable of bringing into dialogue the needs, sometimes unexpressed, of the community with local administrations.

The interventions implemented so far are of a temporary nature, the only possible method, which however allow us to act immediately, taking care of the area and triggering a sense of community with the inhabitants of the neighbourhood.

The creation of simple structures, through the use of poor or recycled materials, allows us, in addition to recycling waste materials, to enrich and make the space usable, stimulating the curiosity of many and initiating new collaborations and temporary and reversible experimentation processes .

We work to ensure that this becomes a small permeable, multifaceted, public, alternative park, capable of hosting activities that stimulate participation in care and inclusion.


Identification of the area.
Initial findings and first contact with the managing body (UTI) to better define the intervention dynamics.

Spring 2020

Faced with possible post-pandemic “private” scenarios, the defense of this public space becomes urgent.
Our commitment wants to translate into action so that the necessary physical distancing does not also turn into psychological and social distance.
Our project becomes a necessity for the neighborhood: not only as a space for escape, but as part of a system capable of providing services for the well-being of the community.

May 2020 - January 2021

Bureaucratic stalemate.
New meeting with the EDR management body (formerly UTI).
Feasibility studies continue during this period
also through consultancy from environmental sector professionals to assess the safety of the area and the health of the trees present.
The first activities are carried out to involve the neighborhood in the awareness project.

Winter - Spring 2021

Our regeneration proposal reaches the Municipality and thanks to the national tender “It can be done” the restoration work begins in the area which was in a state of decay and abandonment.
All interventions are carried out by FrondaUrbana with sector experts and through voluntary activities.

Summer 2021

The restoration and cleaning work of the park continues.
Dissemination and debate meetings are organized with citizens on the issues of sustainability, urban regeneration, communication and the theme of democratic space.

September 2021

First extraordinary opening of the area to the whole city, with the artistic exhibition III PAYSAGE by Špela Volčič, Paola Pasquaretta and Bartolomeo Rossi.
The area is set up with temporary installation elements including the Manifesto Pavilion, some designer seats and an interactive sound installation.

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Autumn - Winter 2021

The area is closed again following yet another bureaucratic stalemate.
An installation is created along the border of the park to draw attention and signal our activity beyond the gate.
The search for dialogue with the administrations continues and further meetings are held with municipal departments and technicians.

Spring - Summer 2022

They continue the work of caring for the area.
New installation elements are designed and created in total economic autonomy and in self-construction, thanks to the reuse of waste and recycled materials.
Other local associations are involved and the program for a new extraordinary opening in September 2022 is presented to the municipality and the EDR

September 2022

on 9, 10 and 11 September, three days of festivals were held on the theme of urban regeneration, which allowed the park to be reopened to the public. Various meetings are offered with experts in the design field, on philosophical topics and on environmental topics. In addition to a rich program of workshop activities, morning concerts of classical music and evening concerts of electronic music.

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Autumn - Winter 2022

the decision by the EDR, the managing body of the area, remains to keep the area closed to the public, despite the response to the initiatives. This means that, given its natural characteristics, the area returns to a state of abandonment over time.

Spring 2023

by FrondaUrbana it was decided to open the area again to clean it up, mow it and take care of it together with the neighborhood. A jazz music concert is organized for the occasion.